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Thw wiiU saong (Archived)ASTROID246/8/2011
i like nintendo but... (Archived)roybarnsleyfan86/8/2011
Need this to be clear (Archived)
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I think the question we all want answered is... (Archived)Destructor52646/8/2011
A resistive touch screen is very important to the Traditional Nintendo Experienc (Archived)480Progressive16/8/2011
Wii U needs achievements C/D (Archived)
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Controller screen same as DS screen? (Archived)kageosx76/8/2011
Why are the analog sticks OVER the d pad and buttons? (Archived)
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So, the 8th Gen shall start, eh? (Archived)SuperMarioDSFan26/8/2011
end of the world before wii u (Archived)saintofny96/8/2011
some ppl call for pikmin? going wii[u] (Archived)SieKensou26/8/2011
I heard they're making a Street Fighter sequel and it's not starring Ken. (Archived)Zero_Saber_X76/8/2011
Going to be another dreamcast (Archived)
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okay.....But what the hell plugs into the TV? (Archived)
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Does the WiiU have 3d capabilities? (Archived)GamingLoser86/8/2011
The Wii U may or may not cost more than $250. So to speak. (Archived)melvin34376/8/2011
If Wii U isn't using bluray will they use You (U) mad-ray? (Archived)knightimex26/8/2011
OMG!!! this thing looks freaking beastly!!!! (Archived)moonlite1316/8/2011
graphics (Archived)Netrunui116/8/2011
The Wii U will come out Q4 2012. Most likely holiday (Archived)healix106/8/2011
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