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Is Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem going to end up like The Last Guardian?
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I hope usa get's fire emblem gba soonbrendebeer39/13 4:10PM
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"You are currently restricted from interacting with Miiverse."
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Have you played x type?brendebeer59/13 3:44PM
My Wii broke and the Wii U can't play GC games.
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Anybody buy teslahrad yet?brendebeer109/13 2:26PM
Super Punch out or kirby superstar?the20thvongola89/13 2:24PM
Wow, releasing Smash 3DS early was a genius move by Nintendo.
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I feel like releasing SSBB on 3DS first was mistake.ebj767109/13 1:36PM
Congrats to Nintendo and the Wii U for over 2 million sales in Mario Kart 8.
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AMAZING Splatoon Theme remix.xXDa-KidXx79/13 1:22PM
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What old or currently unused IP would you want to see brought onto the Wii U?
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Which of these delicious nuggets are you most looking forward to? (Poll)
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Kinda pointless unboxing video I did for my Wii U purchase.
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Who wouldn't mind a donkey kong country 6?IVeezy49/13 11:52AM
Hardware sales results in for the last week of August!Wii_Truth59/13 11:41AM