Legend Of The sword 2 Rise of the Dark Lord

#1Futile216Posted 7/4/2011 5:36:50 PM
ive build a great game 100% complete i add new quests daily.ther are many factions you can choose from in my creation you can even get married to and NPC of your choice.You can buy houses also .there are 3 main guilds fighters wich trains your charicter in using massive damage weapons.Mages guild wich trains your hero in Powerfull magic attacks.and the thifs guild ive added wich is up to the player to find.thiefs can steal from NPCs and also have a very diferant quest line as they steal from others they can not be cough or else theyd have to start over aain on the current quest.fighters guild is like invasion as you rank up in the guild you will be sent all over the world defending towns from the dark lords assult.the higher your rank the more waves you will fight.mages guild is for intel you will have to solve puzzles n riddles n mazes to earn your magic.all three factions ahve there own ser of equipsment.wich you can find there shops within the guilds.mages have high def shields.fighters have high dam weapons.thiefs are of a differant kind and have average weapons and shields.theres also a bounty hunters guild wich will have the hero track dow certain NPCs and ether fight them or turn them in.you alo have a chace to become a vampire an you can alter the entire story buy feeding off other NPcs n killing them as well.there s a cure for this tho as when ur a ampire the entire city of Figrost will hate you.