Stud Magnet Code?

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5 years ago#1
Just wondering if there is one out there. Didn't see it in the codes topic already on this board. Any information is appreciated
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5 years ago#2
This is the only code I want too! And naturally the one I can't find anywhere. I did just notice someone saying that the codes from 1-4 supposedly will work on this game too. Haven't tried it yet myself though so I can't verify if its even true or not.
5 years ago#3
ty for the tip, but no dice
~I will floss my teeth with your soul~
5 years ago#4
Yeah, I tried it earlier too and it didn't work. Does anyone at least know where the actual red brick for it is located within the game? I feel like I'm having to waste so much time chasing studs all over the place right now.
5 years ago#5

You can find Stud Magnet on the floor with the Room of Requirement, use reducto on the silver statue to  the left of the door to the room and there it is.

5 years ago#6
Thanks! When do you get Reducto back? I always assumed you'd have all of the spells from 1-4 from the beginning then of course I lost them when Umbridge banned Defense Against the Dark Arts, but I assumed when you started sixth year you'd get them all back, but I still haven't got Reducto, Riddikulus, Immobulus, ect. back yet. I suppose I could always just take an adult character to the RoR to get the brick, but even to do that I need the polyjuice potion and it acts like you've never learned it when I go up to any of the cauldrons at Hogwarts.
5 years ago#7
thanks for the info
~I will floss my teeth with your soul~
5 years ago#8
Nevermind, I got it! Ironic that the first thing I had to do in the game after asking those questions just now was the Reducto lesson.

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