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4 years ago#1
800 Microsoft points for all 3 classes! Time to finally make my purchase:)
4 years ago#2
Do you still have to purchase the game on top of that?

One review mentioned buying a character gave more content...True?

Definately interested in this game.
4 years ago#3
The 800 points buys u the game and ALL 3 character classes as of this weeks special! So yeah, if you're interested now is the time to purchase this game.
4 years ago#4
I'm not near my console right now but earlier when I checked it said the 3 class pack and the base game were already downloaded. Now unless I'm completely insane I never bought this game, I remember playing the demo version when it first came out. Did I somehow get lucky or will I have to spend the points once I boot up the game for the first time?
4 years ago#5
You can play the game without it but the character pack, but apparently the pack gives you something you can't do without it.
4 years ago#6
This game caught a lot of heat for the way they did their demo, but long story short all you have is the demo and u can try each class. Buy the 3 character class pack on sale right now and you have the game with everything playable. It's like the demo gives you the game, but not the characters, so by purchasing the characters you really get the game:/
4 years ago#7
I know, it infuriates me to NO END when I have to READ WORDS. Don'tthey know how to tldr and type like they have a keyboardless phone? I mean, it's not like kids these days need to use the written word like adults or anyone ever since the written word was invented, amirite?

Besides, I got it free cause the Summer of Live games this year were all great, even Toy Soldiers.
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4 years ago#8
If you bought all the Summer of Arcade games, you got this for free.
4 years ago#9
Thx! I've been waiting for this to drop down, it didn't feel like a 1200MS game, but I'm sure the lady and I can get $10 worth of co-op outa this. I usually notice the deals right away but I've been completely smittin with Kingdom of Amalur that I've barely noticed much else.
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