WWE sucks now...

#51enterthemadroxPosted 5/8/2012 5:28:38 PM
Guess it depends on your tastes.

I was a big WWF fan until September 1997 when I stopped watching because they started to get crappy so I stuck to ECW and WCW instead. Only went back to WWE because they were the only option on tv and begrudgingly watched until TNA and indy feds appeared on tv (thanks to The Wrestling Channel mostly).

That channel folded, TNA got crappy in December 2004 so I stuck with WWE even though I thought the product sucked.

Switched back to TNA October 2009 when I stopped watching WWE because I'd finally had enough.

Now both suck even though TNA has the better wrestling and is the lesser of two evils as far as angles go (I only facepalm during the Hogan and Bischoff things in TNA while with WWE, it's every time except when Lesnar and Danielson are on).
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