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i am the only one who will have this game and not play as a wwe superstar. (Archived)
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Have they said when they were gonna unlock the rest of the roster on the website (Archived)TheUnknown1One168/24/2011
Reversal system? (Archived)Numbuh10038/24/2011
Most excited/disappointed in WWE '12? (Archived)
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Is it true? (Archived)Numbuh10028/24/2011
CM Punk's Hair Color changed (Archived)xHaVoC83x108/24/2011
Really hope blood is in but turned off as default... (Archived)The_Spenny98/24/2011
I am not liking the sound of this possible roster inclusion (Archived)kosher38/24/2011
Ok I Have A Preorder Dilemma.................. (Archived)Tuballcain58/24/2011
I better be able to defend a title in exhibition this time around (Archived)MaxP18898/23/2011
Anyone know if CAF was updated to work with physics and directional throws? (Archived)Hit_Thinking38/23/2011
Is The Rock for pre-ordering or for buying this game new? (Archived)SonicGuile68/23/2011
Create a Match (Archived)KamiKazie4428/23/2011
here's who is left that could be part of the last 14 (Archived)
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Is this game any different from the others? (Archived)Power Turtle68/23/2011
Is mixed tag team really going to be mixed tag team this time? (Archived)nbjjago88/23/2011
John Cena just stated on tweeter that he is about to change his attire! (Archived)
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im posting the full roster (Archived)
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Of ALL the talk EVERY year with EVERY WWE game....... (Archived)RLuke0758/22/2011
Few Questions (Archived)KamiKazie4448/22/2011
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