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CM Punk Best in the World T-shirt?

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User Info: Nexus_WWE

5 years ago#1
okay so I've seen a lot of videos and Pics of Punk wearing his best in the world t-shirt in this game but I can't seem to find it any where and I hate the logo maker I can't seem to get it work for me so is there a way I can get it or not? also I've seen someone has also made a best in the world ring as well I have a PS3 by the way any help would be great thanks.
oh I'm also looking for Cena's Rise Above Hate shirt as well.
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User Info: MrRedlight

5 years ago#2
proof of punk wearing shirt please. And also cena wearing the shirt which

User Info: grimmdaddy

5 years ago#3
probably not, i've seen the pieces for those shirts on the logo part of cc
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