Dropped items: Sell or sacrifice?

#1Icehound2Posted 1/2/2013 3:16:20 PM(edited)
I have all the DLC armor/weapons. Are these pretty sustainable for the whole game (thus freeing me from the worry of saving them and just sell them) or should I save my items and feed them to Possessed ones?

EDIT: Just entered the Lost Temple and currently using the Angel of Death armor/scythes w/ Mordis. So far I'm combat-oriented, not quite level 10 yet and mostly focused on the left skill tree.
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#2midsizelebowskiPosted 1/27/2013 11:39:35 AM
A couple rules of thumb I have found, if you're even still playing this:

1) Possessed weapons are the strongest in the game
2) Every weapon quickly becomes obsolete as you level. But possessed weapons stay strong (relative to loot you find) even when they're a few levels below you
3) Sacrificing should always take precedence over selling if you like the effects on a piece of loot and want to pass them on to a possessed weapon
4) I'm not a fan of the time-consuming inventory management they introduced in this game