Game crashes constantly.

#1edgtrvPosted 1/20/2013 12:30:43 AM
I can load the game but it will crash either some point between the first loading screen (after choosing gamma and stuff) up until I am given control. I've noticed that sometimes the gamma slider does nothing to change the gamma and then the game will crash as soon as I click accept. If I can change the gamma, then the game will crash when I am given control. I've installed everything fresh twice now, restarted, my drivers are up to date, etc. My PC is 3.3ghz i5 quad-core, 8gb RAM and a Radeon 6900. I can access the menu if the game gets past the first loading screen and I've turned up my settings, turned down my settings, put it in windowed, turned on v-sync, turned off v-sync I've been trying for most of today to get it running, so any ideas? Setting it to 2 cores instead of 4 allowed me to play for a few seconds, but then crashes anyway.
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