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I'm going to Pyramid Head this horrible re-releaseInfiniteOpening36/30 4:55PM
I guess you can say this board... Has gone to silent hill! (Archived)JM_14_GOW34/25 8:06AM
Silent Hill HD Collection after patch - worth it (Archived)caam_imt13/31 7:42AM
Heather's HP (Archived)Shuu_Shirakawa23/12 6:34AM
No option for visible life bar? (Archived)RoyalShine19/17 4:21PM
Is there life in this board? (Archived)RedNaxela719/15 8:44AM
Thoroughly enjoyed this collection. Highly recommend it. (Archived)LobosJordan18/26 8:38AM
Why they can't just release the original versions as PS2 classics? (Archived)181stCommander28/24 5:16PM
The game seems ok (Archived)bolomd_basic28/5 9:02AM
Uh... anyone have this problem? (Archived)921sora17/6 1:01PM
New fan, help me decide. (Archived)jeffdmaples87/6 12:15PM
Posting a lets play - any comments appreciated. (Archived)SmyttyGuy9436/4/2014
This board is dead but may as well ask...is this worth getting? (Archived)Mr_M0j0_Rising75/30/2014
Silent Hill 3 PS2 or HD (Archived)vestibual35/1/2014
Is it fixed yet? (Archived)Llewelyn714/9/2014
Import Europe or Japanese version? (Archived)Shikou9412/23/2014
SH2 Stuck at a certain spot...Help! (Archived)InhaleHope22/12/2014
Few important questions - Please help! (Archived)BAEx1031/11/2014
SH2: Removing scratches & Blurs - SH3: SH2 saved game extra scenes (Archived)KanaedaMacabre111/29/2013
Never played an SH before. Get this or the originals? (Archived)Funyari211/29/2013
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