Did they edit PH's "rape" scene!?

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LOL no way is it really in the 360 version? i have the 360 version myself but i come here to post because a silent hill fan is a silent hill fan to me.
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360 version of multiplatform games are always so damn superior cause it uses PC architecture unlike ps3 cell processor, I'm glad vita uses an easy as pie architecture.

That e3 trailer shows demon babies and even shows demon children that are in the USA version. Dead space 1 and 2 are well known for having kids and babies, hell most enemies in dead space 2 are babies and children, alot of times the children are a real pain in the ass in that game cause they jump on you and claw at your head.

Dead space 2 has confirmed that I'm never having kids, i hate em, ever since i was a kid, I've hated them cause they chew on my games and toys, dead space 2 just made me hate em even more. The patch could have taken that scene out accidentally.
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The problem is a glitch when loading into the game.

The game shows a blackscreen, but it's actually playing.

You can test this for yourself by going into your inventory, then back into the game.
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enaysoft posted...
INCREDIBLY the rape scene is actually UNEDITED! It becomes edited AFTER you download the patch. Making the censorship even more confusing. So that basically means choosing between an update which fixes the problem or having the rape scene.

Konami should spend more time in fixing things in this release that are broken and less time in fixing things that are not broken.

What the hell are you talking about?

I haven't downloaded any patch (My PS3 isn't connected to the web) and those two seconds still weren't there. Not like I care, but your statement is false.
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^ Owned
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wheepitup posted...
_Bleaux posted...
Matt_Chatham posted...
So I just uploaded a video to confirm for anyone who wanted to see it.


The weirdest part is you can even see a fraction of a second of the camera shot they cut out. It would have been less noticeable otherwise.

Still doesn't really matter to me.

I must be like the only person on this board who think this whole fiasco is dumb.

Probably cause you have zero standards.
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From what I've heard, it's only present on some PS3 copies, and it's a glitch: the game lags a tad when you load a cutscene, so you miss the first second or two of it. It's not censored. It's a glitch. Y'all can calm down now.
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the scene is still there on my HD collection on xbox 360! you people need to stop the hate on this game and actually play it before bashing it.
#79NeoGrayFAQPosted 3/22/2012 1:45:31 PM
^ We're not bashing for no reason. Even though it is a glitch, it's understandable to be impatient because we're not sure if/when it will get fixed.

However, I'm one who can't play because james won't take 2 steps without stopping. I'm a little more upset at that.
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The problem I have with the modified cutscene is less that it seems cut and jumpy, and more more that the lighting is changed. James' flashlight now shines much further than it used to. So "Red Pyramid Thing" is completely illuminated throughout its duration.

In the "Non-HD" version, James' flashlight doesn't shine far enough, and leaves Pyramid Head slightly obscured in darkness until he steps into the light. It explains why Pyramid Head walks closer before doing those odd gestures with his hand.

But now, it's all just bright and jumpy.
-If the cutscene was changed in favor of pace, it takes away some of the horror. It was terrifying having that just suddenly pop up on the screen. It was done that way on purpose.
-If the cutscene was changed due a to a glitch or bug, welcome to the HD Collection.

As for censorship....Is there really anything to censor? The sexuality of the scene is obvious, yet almost sort-of implied. It doesn't flat out show you Pyramid Head's sharp, pyramid-shaped @!%&. >.>