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4 years ago#1
is jumping on this board with positive feedback.

I realize i'm bringing a wooden plank to a gun fight but please know this:

a) I was 17 when Silent Hill 1 was released. It broke the mold, started something special and i've been obsessed with the series ever since.

b) Personally, James' tragedy is the best. We won't get into detail but lets say I played it countless times on every console it was made for so far including PC.

c) The art direction for the 3rd installment is stunning to say the least. Visually superb.

d) I don't dislike the Room but it is my least favorite. It does boast an incredible soundtrack.

Now i've played them all with the exception of Downpour and from what i've read and seen so far I decided to rent it first but funnily enough no local video store has a copy (yet they do have the HD Collection?).

After careful consideration I will now give my reasons as to why I like Silent Hill 2 HD knowing full well the impending repercussions.

Note: My opinion is exactly that. You may agree with it or utterly disagree. Because I like certain aspects that you don't and vice versa doesn't make me right and you wrong. In no way do I intend to devalue the views of anyone else as most of my reasons can be taken subjectively.
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4 years ago#2
To start off i'd like to say my copy seems to have very little of the faults commonly posted. It runs smoothly ,at a better frame rate than the original, in most places only occasionally slowing slightly in the open streets of South Vale.

I feel the black levels have been tweaked for the better. Darker areas now seem like they're actually dark as opposed to grey.
The lighting is also the best its been in any rendition of the game. The flashlight gives off a more realistic glow and is no longer like a super bright spotlight. The PS2 version had lighting issues due to the system and this was improved for the Xbox and PC release soon after. Smoothing out the edges of the flashlights projection.

I immediately noticed the touch ups to the textures from the restroom at the lookout point. They were especially evident in James' clothing and the dirt track where the chainsaw is found among others.
The ability to lie is a liability
4 years ago#3
Contrary to many I believe most the new voices are handled quite well. James' genuinely seems distraught after years of torment. His tone can often get shaky at the beginning but I felt a sense of urgency when Laura kicked the courtyard key and when she leaps off the wall. He sounded more concerned for her well being when talking to Eddie ("This town is full of monsters") instead of telling him off like a child.
Eddie was well portrayed for the majority of the game though I wasn't too convinced when he snapped and went into angry Liam O'Brian mode (hes a fine VA but perhaps save that growl for something more suiting).
Angela was fine. No complaints there.
Laura has improved. The conversation she has with James after the video tape was much better. Not too sure about "fart-face" though.
Mary/Maria is the only character where I prefer the original. Thats not say McGlynn did a bad job but perhaps she should stick to singing the themes brilliantly as always.
The ability to lie is a liability
4 years ago#4
Now with all that said its not to say this game is without its faults. Yes, the frame rate sometimes slows but not enough for me warrant any complaints. The PS2 version I owned way back in 2001 would skip here and there and I paid no heed.
However, a few sounds were either missing or very faint. Such as the shout in Woodside apartments after you get the gun or the horns going off as you enter the prison through the Historical society.
Also, the wall of fog was too obvious and Toluca Lake looked horrible in HD. I'm sure something could've been done to fix that but again it didn't ruin my experience as a whole.

Well thats it from me. A thank you to all who took the time to read my ramblings and feel free to tell me where you stand on it all.
The ability to lie is a liability
4 years ago#5
Couldn't you have fit all this in one post?

Good job on the typing. You are a very good typist.

PS: So what is the scariest moment in SH2? You lied to me!
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4 years ago#6
Heh, it would seem so. Thanks for correcting me.

A serious question beckons a legitimate answer so i'll gladly present you with one. My scariest moment would be experiencing the "real" hotel first time. This is mainly due to the score and sounds. It really conveyed a combined sense of decay and hopelessness. Decay from an obvious visual standpoint and hopeless because of my now conflicted feelings towards James and his endeavor. Black Fairy ftw!

Sorry for...well, triple posting I guess. I don't often create topics and usually come here to read others so i'm not the most adept when it comes to posting.
The ability to lie is a liability
4 years ago#7
when it gets... who am i kidding??? 90% of the game still creepy and it's awesome...
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3 years ago#8
Also, among some of my other more tense moments:

1) Back tracking through the clock room in Woodside Apartments. The chaotic score convinced me the door to the hallway would no doubt lead to impending doom (and since ol' Pyramid was there when last I checked).

2) Nightmare hospital basement. Every corner of that pursuit caused panic on a grander scale.

3)Toluca Prison's second floor phantom. Stomping about muttering whatever it is (ritual I think?).

Of course, these are all mainly from my first few playthroughs.
The ability to lie is a liability
3 years ago#9
the whole prison/labyrinth part is the most wretched part of the game to me. its frickin' abysmal. i still remember the first time i went into that prison bathroom. i literally made a weird dusty grunt then had to press pause. lol
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3 years ago#10
Silent Hill 2 was pretty tame compared to Silent Hill 1. Still, I do like it a lot.
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