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Tomm is rude cont'd

#1KneeSlappingtonPosted 4/28/2012 9:47:33 AM(edited)
He has a blog and a couple times I've written comments of criticism but nothing really mean, just opinions and that sort of thing, very far from trolling, and it's like each time I do this he jumps on me and is kinda rude. I don't think he likes being criticized, like at all, I mean there was that whole incident where he got mad at SH fans or whatever. I don't like the guy so much anymore, he's just not nice and can't deal with the fanbase even if it is crazy.

To be fair, there are quite a few trolls (notably part of the screwed up TwinPerfect fanbase notorious for spreading misinformation) who do nothing on his blog but troll with generic spam posts and thinly veiled jabs towards whatever he is talking about. So you can't really blame him for just saying "f*** it" and saying what's on his mind.

Notably Vith and Sam who are diehard TP fanboys. The SH fandom is largely insane anyway.
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