Wow, this game is actually really fun

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3 years ago#1
After all the delays, I didn't think this game had a chance of being good, but the demo was really fun. Is it just me or does BoM seem to have more of a Diablo vibe than Diablo 3? I know SH fans are in a tizzy, but it seems to me that this game is more like Dissidia or Theatrhythm: a celebration of the series, rather than a bastardization.
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3 years ago#2
I am honestly just as surprised as you. I am looking forward to the game right now; even now, writing that feels absolutely crazy. But yeah, the game is fun.
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3 years ago#3
Just played through the demo and I was positively surprised.

Of course, I don't think the game itself will be that great, but it showed me that it has the potential if done right. I think I'll buy it just for that potential unless it completly bombs on reviews (like below 5/10)

Like if they:
- Made the flashlight have a bar that depletes, so you'll need to pick up batteries or something to recharge it. It could either deplete fully so it'd be almost pitch-dark or it could go to a minimum light mode where it's a lot weaker and with a smaller range.

Of course, you can turn off the flashlight to save power. Could be several different flashlights to get in the game as well.
It would either encourage hastiness, or encourage being resourceful, or make the slow, scared approacher feel more tense.

- Maybe like a Sanity gauge, where it'd either affect the success of things or cause stumbling to occur often when it's depleted. Could even cause some freaky visual effects.

- More variation, in music, in rooms, enviornment. More freakiness.

- allow for some trapping mechanism for the minor foes

- Everything should have a sacrifice or a weakness.

- A bit less saturation on certain things.

- Would also be awesome with some rooms revolving into different configurations, so if you don't pay attention you can suddenly lose your track a bit.
Would be awesome if we were able to use symbols to mark certain rooms, so you'd not get completly lost either.
Could also be resolved (the revolving of rooms) by finding a specific room with a lever.

Would make it a lot more like a psychological survival horror.
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  3. Wow, this game is actually really fun

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