Future DLC

#1Trespasser2003Posted 3/20/2013 9:06:21 PM
Now that the patch/DLC has been released, what more would you like to see? Personally, I'd like:

-Harry and Cybil playable, and a few new classes... Maybe trendy, loner, and artist?
-New enemies: Missionary from SH3 and the dolls from Downpour
-New weapons, rooms, and notes, of course
-Maybe another ending, something along the lines of Shattered Memories craziness
-Speaking of SM, an ice zone!

A patch for the camera angle/distance would be nice.

As is, I wouldn't be disappointed if they didn't make any more content, but these are things I'd personally love.
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#2foxgamer92Posted 3/21/2013 1:04:23 PM(edited)
Zones: Ice, School, Mall, Fog, Hospital
Classes: Harry, Cybil, Alex, Henry, Maria, Eileen, Angela, Travis, a girl with robes like Pyramid Head so I can play as a female PH, stoner, stripper, Walter Sullivan, Memory of Alessa
Enemies: Closer, Siam, Dolls, Mannequin, Lying Figure, Numb Body, Abstract Daddy, Caliban, Carrion, Twoback, Smog, Sniffer Dog, Groaner, Feral, Mumbler, Romper, Gumhead, Twin Victims, Creeper, Lurker, Mothbat, Scarper, Pendulum, Slurper, Wall Men, Bottom, Mandarin, Hanged Scratcher
Bosses: Split Worm, Split Head, Sepulcher, Asphyxia, Floatstinger, Twinfeeler, Greedy Worm, Missionary
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