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Glitch found during weapon level grinding experiment. My hammer became an SMG. (Archived)Paradox_Knight210/25/2012
Ending theory (Archived)darkparodius310/25/2012
Speculation on how endings are generated (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Can you rename your character ? (Archived)SoleQuincy310/25/2012
Best Artifacts (or List of All Artifacts?) (Archived)NathanielJohn210/25/2012
Tomm says something on his blog regarding the game's karma (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What if it's not what you kill... but what you leave? (Archived)Saduhem910/25/2012
Do multiple artifacts stack? (Archived)spawn10462410/25/2012
Why did your character receive this book? What does it imply about Silent Hill? (Archived)GradyHoover1010/25/2012
Still no review from the big sites... (Archived)
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Is it enjoyable? (Archived)Gjang410/25/2012
Derek Light Ending Question/Statement (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)SNUBBIRTH23210/24/2012
Level 15 objective question (Archived)dtm07510/24/2012
Doing some very boring testing, explains why I've not added much (Archived)Paradox_Knight610/24/2012
Any tips for beating the dark boogyman (zone 15) (Archived)FreeRangers710/24/2012
Zone 22 and up questions (Archived)FullMetalPanic310/24/2012
Broke my Great Knife :'(, which chapter gave you one? (Archived)Rotuhiiri1010/24/2012
I was so quick to write this game off.. (Archived)ThugETH210/24/2012
Where to find Katana? (Archived)lionhartwolf410/24/2012
What if bom setting was this? *spoilers * (Archived)Raven236410/24/2012
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