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Frame Rate patch for the stand alone version of The 2nd RunnerTheSaltman110/4 4:57AM
How in the LOVE OF ****ING **** do I stop Jehuty from being homocidal????digitalwill200019/29 5:22PM
Was anything removed from this collection? (Archived)BlitzPanther19/16 8:54AM
For those of you who want ZOE3 for PS4 (Archived)Knight_Auron18/20 2:45PM
This games need more love! (Archived)NightmareGamma17/27 12:12PM
The second one is supposed to be the good one? Really? (Archived)MadDragonify24/24 3:34AM
Finally it is here... (Archived)Jehuty72614/20 6:40PM
what is the point of rescue missions? (Archived)bullfrogish24/11 4:03PM
Doing a let's play (Archived)superbuu313/17 7:37PM
Should I skip ZoE? (Archived)fraki102311/9 1:36AM
Geez...why do I suck at ZOE2 now... (Archived)Billysan212/25 4:51AM
Just Sad that ZOE3 is still cancelled. (Archived)Knight_Auron1012/8 1:48PM
Worst Final Boss Ever... *spoilers* (Archived)immadbro211/23 1:14PM
Gameplay differences to the original game? (ZotE1) (Archived)uffbulle111/2 6:29AM
I'm late, but here to show my support. (Archived)Nectern38/8/2014
Any way to patch the Australian version? (Archived)Timic8328/7/2014
Will they re-announce ZOE 3 at TGS? (Archived)Jehuty72638/6/2014
How is the frame rate of ZOE 1? (Archived)randomguy45628/6/2014
How are these games similar and different from Custom Robo? (Archived)bryanhudd9717/14/2014
Does the patch fix both ZoE 1 & 2 or just 2? It applies to the digital copy? (Archived)HappyBull65/9/2014
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