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Should I skip ZoE? (Archived)fraki102311/9 1:36AM
Geez...why do I suck at ZOE2 now... (Archived)Billysan212/25 4:51AM
Just Sad that ZOE3 is still cancelled. (Archived)Knight_Auron1012/8 1:48PM
Worst Final Boss Ever... *spoilers* (Archived)immadbro211/23 1:14PM
Gameplay differences to the original game? (ZotE1) (Archived)uffbulle111/2 6:29AM
I'm late, but here to show my support. (Archived)Nectern38/8 1:13AM
Any way to patch the Australian version? (Archived)Timic8328/7 6:45PM
Will they re-announce ZOE 3 at TGS? (Archived)Jehuty72638/6 7:12PM
How is the frame rate of ZOE 1? (Archived)randomguy45628/6 7:05PM
How are these games similar and different from Custom Robo? (Archived)bryanhudd9717/14 5:48AM
Does the patch fix both ZoE 1 & 2 or just 2? It applies to the digital copy? (Archived)HappyBull65/9 2:34PM
Playing the first game, are all extra weapon useless? (Archived)Oreos7435/6 6:12AM
No audio (Archived)Peppers351024/23 11:15AM
Um, how was I suppose to know? And a question. (*Minor End Game Spoilers*) (Archived)HakuMan11138634/15 7:50AM
I cannot find the VS. mech Inherit. (Archived)gardenking44/14 1:21PM
The game is $14 on Amazon right now. (Archived)OhHeyltsYou24/12 7:14AM
Still patentily await ZOE 3.... (Archived)DingoEnderZOE274/1 9:58PM
With the 2.0 patch is this the definitive edition of the series? (Archived)Gr3gSolidus93/28/2014
Kiss Me Sunlights - Opening song Vocal Cover by me (Archived)
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