SH2 Hard Riddle Pin Explanation (spoilers)

#1Mysticman89Posted 4/26/2012 8:38:34 PM
So, on the hard riddle difficulty, theres a door in the hospital where the clue as to what the code is is something to the effect of: "It's a 'T' this month, and it was an 'X' before that and a 'Z' before that, and theres no other 4 button possibilities.".

The actual code is 1382 or 1328, I don't remember which, but the idea I suppose is that those 4 digits sort of make the character T on the keypad, except for it's missing the 5.

My question is first, is there any way we were supposed to figure out the actual permutation of those 4 numbers? And second, what would the X and Z codes have been? Both of them seem like they'd be represented by 1379 if we're allowing 'holes' in the shape. Also, why isn't Y possible? 1358 would actually make Y well, without needing for a 'hole' somewhere in the character.

The above concerns stopped me from figuring out that particular riddle on my own, despite my first thought actually being correct (make a T on the keypad), since it seems like the rest of the clue would exclude that sort of thing.
#2Andrew_RyannPosted 4/28/2012 9:55:10 PM
There's no holes; Put your finger on the 1, then slide it to 3. Top part of the "T". Put it on 2, slide it to 8. "T" is finished. The clues are implying that where your finger starts and ends when making the strokes to draw it are the digits.

No I didn't figure it out either, just relaying what a guide said.