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forgot how hard SH3 is... (Archived)BENDMMAFAN61/17/2013
SH2 Missing item glitch (Archived)ArcticSin61/9/2013
Stuck with bloody code for Louise Puzzle Box. (Unable to read it). (Archived)xRyudo312/28/2012
I got game abd i havent had any issues yet but... (Archived)Deadninja13312/1/2012
So... how is the game? Still gltichy as junk or... playable? o: (Archived)Deathx113812/1/2012
Wow Konami (Archived)thepenguin55211/29/2012
almost afraid to ask this.. (Archived)planetvash112411/23/2012
Reply Email to Konami's free game!! (Archived)LostOdyssey17311/19/2012
Im going to buy this but i have some questions (Archived)Deadninja13211/17/2012
Has this game been pulled from shelves? (Archived)
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how well do you think freddy krueger would do in silent hill? (Archived)BrewTownGamer311/13/2012
Silent Hill Marathon this weekend!! (Archived)cornshaq311/9/2012
I noticed something in SH3. *SPOILERS* (Archived)cougertheclown111/4/2012
I'm about half way through SH2, only a few things are really pissing me off. (Archived)
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Extra Riddle not unlocking in SH2 (Archived)ClessBR410/18/2012
Konami is offering free game for 360 owners of SH HD (Archived)
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Can someone give me some tips for Silent Hill 3? (Archived)FreakyAmerican649/24/2012
Is this a good game to play while drinking??? (Archived)Izlanno39/18/2012
Odd glitch (SH3) (Archived)singhellotaku39/15/2012
What problems is everyone else having? (Archived)Zazabar89/14/2012
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