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Konami promising patch for Silent Hill HD Collection (Archived)
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why is silent hill 4 not in this? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Who Needs A Gun!?!?! (Archived)TestAment_8876/13/2012
Just got this tonight, mixed feelings already (Archived)Japhasca26/12/2012
About the letter... (SPOILERS) (Archived)zenandi46/7/2012
Getting all the endings+achievements - how many plays? (SH2) (Archived)Entegy26/4/2012
Qustion about which version to get (Archived)MagmaYoshi45/29/2012
Is this really a bad release or are people focusing their negativity on the PS3? (Archived)quittaboi7885/28/2012
The row boat sequence (1:20) in SH2 (Archived)TestAment_8865/23/2012
Tomm Hulett Explains Why SH HD Col. Sucks (Archived)
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Silent Hill 3 (spoiler) question (Archived)alex9109385/22/2012
Is it possible to beat the hanging monsters with only 6 shotgun shells? (Archived)greenmist01105/22/2012
can i still use xtra options for 10 stars in SH2? (Archived)googler85/21/2012
Does the sexy beam count... (spoiler) (Archived)alex9109335/21/2012
Where the hell is the blue gem?????? (Archived)demonlord669655/21/2012
SH3 Bookstore Glitch? (Archived)SP4RT4N_11925/20/2012
Just a quick SH2 ending question. (No spoilers please) (Archived)EternalVarik35/19/2012
SH2 extra riddle not unlocking (Archived)12ehsteve45/19/2012
Somehow my controls got changed in SH3 (Archived)alex9109365/15/2012
Maria had a pair of teeth for her right eye. *spoilers* (Archived)CalistoCoon105/15/2012
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