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User Info: MessiahKnot

5 years ago#1
Hi all,

Just wondering, did you get an instruction manual with your copy? EA have been getting increasingly stingy with manuals, but I was shocked to see this game didn't even have one when I opened up the case. Did I get a bad copy or is it like that for everyone? All my game had inside was the DLC codes and a B&W warranty/kinect booklet. Luckily I'm well versed in Sims 3 gameplay otherwise I would have found its absence doubly annoying.

Thanks ;)

User Info: kekejefferis

5 years ago#2
Mine didnt come with a manual either just the code leaflet and the b&w leaflet.
Odd that they would have done this really, I know that the game itself pretty much tells you what to do throughout but i'd imagine for a new player that would be frustrating. Having the manual there infront of you with the controls laid out would really benefit them.
Oh well.

User Info: enovak7924

5 years ago#3
A lot of games are doing this now to be 'green'. Either no manual or one or two pages,

The new Batman game had like a one page sheet and told you to go someplace to download the full manual.

They did however still put a 7 or 8 page catalog booklet.
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User Info: Samus12345

5 years ago#4
EA isn't including paper manuals any more. You have to go into Lessons on the title screen menu to see the "manual".
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