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3 years ago#1
I thought I'd share same of the "Currently known features in Tekken 3D Prime Edition":

--- General features
- Gameplay entirely based on Tekken 6:BR PSP Version
- thus no instant-replay post-fight
- Heihachi Mishima in his "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" incarnation is playable
- Circle Pad and/or D-Pad controls
- 60FPS, even in 3D Mode (except Online Play)
- Similar to previous 3DS fighters, the game utilizes the touch screen for players to pull off moves and even combos; these commands can be customized (but no full combo)
- Wireless Local Play
- The cartridge also comes with a 3D supported copy 3D movie "Tekken: Blood Vengeance"
- There will be eight new stages, along with boards taken from Tekken 6; currently there are 17 stages in total
- "Zaibatsu Headquarters", "Cathedral", "Temple of the Dragon", "Ancient Ruins", "Desert Wasteland", "Wrecked Dojo", "Lotus Hall" and "Bowling Alley Rooftop" are the 8 new stages - you cannot select the latter two stages during Online Play, but you are free to select one of the two Practice Mode stages instead
- "Gargoyle's Perch", "Hidden Retreat", "Rusty Asia" and "Azazel's Chamber" as representatives of T6:BR's stages
- "Urban War Zone", "Fiesta del Tomate" and "Lightning Storm" as the other representatives of T6:BR's stages - oddly, these stages are coloured only in black-and-white - these stages further serve as the "Special Match" stages ("Boss Stage")
- On start-up, you will be asked if you want to spend 10 Play Coins for 30 CPs

--- Tekken Cards
- Players will be able to acquire 765 Tekken Cards featuring 3D scenes by defeating the computer and/or through StreetPass.
- StreetPass (enabling you to exchange your Tekken Cards)
- Tekken Cards encountered on StreetPass only can be bought using CP (= Card Points) - CP can be gained while fighting in Quick Battle (10 opponents in a row, similar to Arcade Mode), depending on difficulty setting - the harder the opponent the more CP you'll get (from 5 to 25 CP per run) and Special Survival Mode

--- Customization
- P1 and P2 costumes available, customization restricted to colour swapping only
- There are only 10 colours to select from in "Customize Colour" - these colours are also predetermined (which have to be unlocked first by reaching the "Mentor" rank and so forth)

--- Online Play
- Online Play (WiFi) including Ranking matches - however you will only be able to compete with your Main Character
- Online Play will NOT feature 3D Mode in order to retain 60 FPS, however Single Player Modes can still be enjoyed in 3D with 60 FPS
- Only 4 potential opponents are displayed in the Lobby at the same time
- Online Play is however not always lag-free
- There are 8 stages to choose from in Online Play (not all the new ones)

--- Quick Battle Mode
- NO Story Mode and NO Arcade Mode
- Quick Mode, which replaces both Arcade Mode and Ghost Battle essentially, allows you to level up your character beside the Online Battles
- The 8th opponent in Quick Mode is a battle against Lars Alexandersson
- The 9th opponent in Quick Mode is a battle against Heihachi Mishima
- The 10th and last opponent in Quick Mode is (supposely) against Jin Kazama
- It seems you can only promote till "Jugglenaut" (Offline), but this has yet to be confirmed
3 years ago#2
--- Special Survival Mode
- New Mode: Special Survival Mode: fight against either 5, 10, 20, 40 or 100 characters in a row to win both CP (= Card Points) and Tekken Cards; every 10th battle is a "Special Match"
- Defeating an opponent in Special Survival with a "Perfect!" grants you to start the next fight in "Rage" Mode, however, upon taking damage your Rage Mode fades away
- Special Match: fight against bosses under certain conditions - win and you will be able to acquire a Tekken Card (bronze, silver or golden one)
- In "Special Survival" Mode, the starting position on any of the 8 new stages is randomized, resulting in 3 possible variations of a stage
- The 10th opponent in Special Survival is any character in Rage Mode fought on "Urban War Zone"
- The 20th opponent in Special Survival is any character in Rage Mode that can only be damaged with aerial combos. He/she is fought on "Lightning Storm"
- The 30th opponent in Special Survival is any character in Rage Mode plus on the hardest difficulty setting ("Ultra-hard"). He/she is very susceptible to any damage, but will block most of the time to retaliate. He/she is fought on "Fiesta del Tomate"
- The 40th opponent in Special Survival is any character in Rage Mode
- The last opponent (and 100th opponent respectively) in Special Survival on any difficulty is Heihachi Mishima in Rage Mode on any stage

- Practice Mode
- Practice Mode features the "Strategic Space" ("Un deux trois") stage from TTT2 - you can also fight this stage during Online Play (both versions)
- Practice Mode allows you to activate "Rage Mode"
- You are able to decide on which side you want to fight (left or right)

I'd appreciate anyone's help to complete this list :)

(This list can also be seen on the Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Facebook Page btw.)
3 years ago#3
the last few characters in quick battle aren't always lars/heihachi/jin, although I've seen Jin or Devil Jin the 10 character most often
PSN- kayreiko
3 years ago#4
let me add..

after you finish the 100 battle survival mode... a 40 battle EX1 will be unlock.. you can only damage your opponent thru juggling
3 years ago#5
janice_heart posted...
I'm putting as much information as i can in these 2 posts to justify my $40 purchase of this bargain bin title.
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3 years ago#6

I'm gonna bump this. I was just wondering about the whole ranking thing. I got to Juggernaut and I've been fighting several matches online, but I still haven't ranked up past that yet. Anyone know how to get past that rank?

3 years ago#7
I'm also having difficulties of ranking up from juggernaut, i thought that it was only me ...

I've been fighting in quick battle a lot just to gain ranks but I cant get past juggernaut.
3 years ago#8
In another thread I read you can promote past "Juggernaut", but it'll take just a lot longer: (thanks to SyrusYuki)

@kayuza Yeah, I noticed that too. I may also add that the 3 last opponents in Quick Battle depend entirely on the character - p.ex. Jin's 3 last opponents are Xiaoyu, Kazuya and Heihachi, while Kazuya's are Lars, Heihachi and Jin.

@coldshadow Thanks! I'll add this to the list! Did you beat that mode btw since this mode is a bit harder than the other ones.

Also, for those who tend to ragequit or accidently disconnect from a battle online: you will be punished and have one loss add to your win/loss-ratio. The one who is still online gains both no win nor loss to their ratio. The reason for this I think is that before and after battle the game saves, so you can't cheat on that. The ragequiter who turns on his game will noticed that it suddenly saves, and this is supposely the sign, you'll get your loss to your ratio. Thus, don't disconnect!

And last question: May I ask how to edit my posts? . Thanks
3 years ago#9
yup.. i beaten the 100 mode.
3 years ago#10
I sent msgs to Guc11 & Triple Lei over at TZ to get the ball rolling on opening a Tekken 3D Prime Edition Forum up @, the post editing options are better there
PSN- kayreiko
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