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5 years ago#1
Ok so I just got this game and i have defeated most of the objectives but I need to find the treasure chests. I haven't found any at the marine or snow places and have only found a few at the city and mountain resorts. Any help would be appreciated.

For the city: I have the treasure in the bushes, the one on the weird triangular building, the one on the circular building and I think one or two others.

For the mountain resort: I have the one at the top of the mountain, the one behind that waterfall (is there two behind the waterfall? One along a path you have to jump to and another in a cave?) and the one on the island in the middle. I know there is one on the castle and one in the ruins but i don't know where the ruins are and I don't know how to get to the castle one.

Also, if anyone can tell me the performance stars for all of them except jumping over that house in the mountain resort, that would be very helpful.

Basically, any help would be much appreciated.
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5 years ago#2
Oh and one more thing. Does anyone know what the secret balls are for each resort. Some dude with the message bubble over his head said that there was a special ball for each resort.
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5 years ago#3

For the treasure chests, check here



5 years ago#4

First off, you should go around to every resort and find blue hint balloons. These will help you get some of the things you are missing especially the "great performances". For the marine resort great performances check here.

Mountain Resort:

1. At the exit of the tunnel where the train goes through, jump on top of each of the three houses there.

2. Just outside the ruins, you should see a very steep rock wall with lots of bumps. Use an off road car to drive up the steep slope.

3. Jump over Otti Morae Falls (the waterfall)

Snow resort (I don't remember all of them here, sorry):

1. In the Cosmos area there should be many large rocks, jump over each of the rocks and at the end of the rock path, you should get the great performance.

2. To the east of the Mogul area, there should be a small path leading downward into the "sun" of the resort. Jump through its mouth to get the great performance.

3. Go down the right slope at the mountain peak. Bear right at the next fork and look for a small path leading off to the left. Follow the path and jump from toungue to tongue on the "twin anacondas".

4. I don't remember the fourth one.

City Resort (I only found 1 so far).

1. The the left of the Wheel Slider building, ride up the rail to the northeast of the building to get on its roof. Jump off the ramp and through the top of the skate park gate to get the great performance.

5 years ago#5
Ok thank you but I do not know the names of the things at all. So, I have more questions.

Which tunnel for the train?

What are the cosmos and mogul areas? I know what they both mean but like where are they located? And what is the "sun" of the resort?

Where is this waterfall and where are the ruins for the mountain resort? Is it the one with two treasure chests behind it up in the middle right of the map?

Lastly, what is the Wheel Slider building?
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5 years ago#6
Also, what games are there that you don't get stamps for and where are they? I found the windsurfing one in the marine resort but is there others?

Also, is there a way to just play the sport and not have to search for it constantly on the map?
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5 years ago#7

Yes to your last question. On the main menu there should be a "activities" option. Just choose this to select what game you want to play. To answer your other questions, just follow the train tracks where you first appear to find the tunnel. The train goes through it. The cosmos area is on the right most slope of the mountain on the map. The mogul area is near the center of the resort, close to the small "town". The sun is the large billboard like picture that you can see when you first enter the resort, again near the center. The waterfall is the one you are thinking of right now. The ruins are towards the left side of the resort. You need to take a dirt road up there (or you can just warp there from your map). Follow the train tracks again towards the north and you should see several dirt paths leading away into the mountains just before the large bridge. take the one that says ouroboros road to reach the ruins.

5 years ago#8

Oh the wheel slider building is the one just to the left of the "mail on wheels" game. It should have red graffitti and looks kind of like a blimp to me.

5 years ago#9
Just found one for the city. You have to jump the fountain using the planters in the shopping area.
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5 years ago#10

Thanks for that one. I think the other one has something to do with jumping on top of a "whale?" according to a hint balloon. I still haven't found anything that resemebles a whale yet though.

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