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5 years ago#1
I've got three of the four Great Performances in the Mountain Resort.

I've got jumping onto the boat that goes around the lake, driving up the bumps, jumping over the three houses outside the tunnel.

Does anyone know that the fourth Great Performance is?

I went back through old messages here but could only find the three I've already done.
5 years ago#2

There's a small ramp facing towards a house north of the hotel just north of the lake. Use the ramp to jump over the house for the great performance. I kind of forgot where the house is exactly, but maybe someone else can help. You can see the ramp in I think the fourth level of the rally car racing mode of off road racing.

5 years ago#3
Thanks for that!

I found the house at Otti Mcrae train station, which is north of the hotel.

I've now completed everything on the Mountain Resort. I've still got some stuff to complete on the Marine and Snow resorts (I'm no good at doing the tricks) and I've yet to go to the City resort yet.
5 years ago#4
how exactly do u do the one by the train station? i've jumped over the 3 houses but no luck.

do u have to jump on the fairy that goes around the island to get the credit?
5 years ago#5

Which one are you talking about? I think you confused 3 of the great performances.

5 years ago#6
at the moment i have 9 gold keys, but at the mountain resort. I am missing 2 great performances.
I already have jumping at the houses outside the tunnel, and jumping over the house near Otti Mcrae station. Could someone tell me how i can get the other 2.?

5 years ago#7

1. Jump on top of the ferry going around Trumela Lake (the lake you start out next to). Go to the back of the castle and jump off into the series of islands, when you get to the last one, wait there for the ship to past underneath and jump ON TOP of it.

2. Just outside the ruins, you should see a very steep rock wall with lots of bumps. Use an off road car to drive up the steep slope.

5 years ago#8

For the first one, you have to use and off road car.

5 years ago#9
Can you tell me details of how to jump to the SS Eleanor please.
5 years ago#10
Thanx for helping me. i now have the dinner set! :D
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