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User Info: SACKBOY123

4 years ago#1
Is it going to be free roam? Or just simply a list of missions you can choose from to play? They said it was going it be it's own separate campaign but I can't even begin to describe how amazingly fun it would be to explore with friends. I know that most likely it will just be a set of missions and I also know that they just announced the co-op but does anyone know anything about the possibility of the co-op campaign being free roam?

User Info: Dreamshiftstres

4 years ago#2
i'm pretty sure it's free roam... i mean, it's far cry...

User Info: Kalabam

4 years ago#3
I agree, the series has always had plenty of free roam.

User Info: arcadeblazer

4 years ago#4
!@#$ Farmville! urbanfoodproduction.tumblr.com

User Info: tzar_666

4 years ago#5
probability like dead island
psn tzar666
xbox equinefern2
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