Can you change clothes or put on armor?

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4 years ago#1
Jason wears a blue shirt in most gameplay video's, but sometimes I seen him wearing some kind of long sleeved yellow/black suit. Is this just a costume or is it actually practical body armor?
4 years ago#2
Apparently the sleeves are just part of a story mission.
There is body armor in the game that acts as a disposable health boost but it has no effect on your appearance.
4 years ago#3
That stinks. I was hoping the suit was an upgrade you got that increases some of your stats. That and it looks way more practical for th jungle than a blue t-shirt.
4 years ago#4
its an FPS game u will never see what he waers anyway
4 years ago#5
I know, I was just commenting that it's more practical considering how much he gets bitten in the arm during the hunting vids
4 years ago#6
But the tattoos on your arm play a large part of the game so they couldn't possibly cover it up.
4 years ago#7
In the gameinformer preview they had to steal a uniform to infiltrate one of the islands.
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4 years ago#8
On further inspection, it seems like he wears it during the fights in Hoyt's island. I guess a frontal assault makes no sense.
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