Anyone else start killing Rakyat warriors?

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I agree with Oreos74 here
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Foofyhead posted...
Well, as I've said before, there should be several islands that don't have anything that goes towards trophies, where you can just kill pirates.

I hate it when things respawn in games, when they bar me from just traversing the world, but the secluded islands thing would be the best of both worlds.

respawning enemies are almost in every FPS ever....
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Yeah, and I don't play FPSes. I also don't think this is an FPS. FP games aren't automatically shooters.

And respawning enemies are handled in a such a way that they aren't an annoyance (I assume), so I'm not really sure what your point is.

The developers most likely decided that that mechanic wouldn't make a whole lot of sense in this setting.

This isn't CoD. This game would be all but unplayable if I had to worry about 500 enemies trying to get from point A to point B.
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Foofyhead posted...
I also don't think this is an FPS.

stopped reading here
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Theres actually a few different spots where enemies respawn on the second island too. Google is your friend.
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