5 minutes or so and PS3 turns off

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4 years ago#1
I upgraded just about everything and opened up a decent amount of the map. I haven't started the main story yet and now all of a sudden my PS3 turns off with no warning or noise. Is there something wrong with this game?
4 years ago#2
You might try reinstalling the game by deleting the game file (NOT save file) and start up the game again.
4 years ago#3
Something is wrong with your system.
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4 years ago#4
Search up yellow light of doom (YLOD). If any of those symptons match up copy your hard drive fast.

and R.I.P. system
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4 years ago#5
do you hear the fan kick on? my fan died and did this same behavior, the system turns itself off before it overheats to protect itself.

I replaced my fan and all was good.
4 years ago#6
From what I was able to find, symptoms didn't match the YLOD. My system runs and loads just fine, there is no sign of the yellow light, and the fan sounds normal (My other games play just fine.). I just play for a couple minutes and the system suddenly just shuts off like there was a power outage. I turned it back on and it does its file check to make sure everything is ok. I changed outlets and it happened a second time (I've never had this happen before.).

I deleted the game file (Not the game/progress save.) and re-installed it as suggested by the first person to respond to my problem. So far I haven't had anymore sudden system shutdowns during this game. I do remember occasionally pressing the right button on the D-Pad as it was installing for the first time (Which appeared to speed up the installation.). When I re-installed the game, I didn't touch the controller at all for the whole installation and so far so good. Hopefully this fix is enough to prevent any more shutdowns.

Thank you all for your help and time taken to help me!!!
4 years ago#7
I really wish people would stop saying ylod or move ps3 to an area which is cooler. There was a guy on the web who said his ps3 was in warranty and took it back and the new one still shut down with far cry 3. I have many games and my ps3 has never turned off while playing them for hours so it cant be overheating when after i come home from work and my ps3 being unplugged turns off within 1 second to 5 minutes of playing far cry. Its happening with PC owners and people who bought the game on PSN (digital). I deleted everything and lost 10 hours and it worked fine for 2 hours of save files before problem came back which is what happened the first time. Its sorta 50/50 cause if it does not turn off i can play for hours but sometimes it happens whcih makes me soo sad cause the game is one of the best i have ever played. Seems to happen more the deeper i go into the game. I will NEVER buy a game made by this company again. For all i know its shortening the life of my ps3 when it turns off.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#9
I have beaten far cry and never had 1 problem. It's your system accept it. And I put more then 50 hours into the game.
No man is rich enough to buy back his past - On a Enlightened Ayurvedic Herbals bottle cap
3 years ago#10
@ claxtizle

Which version of the PS3 do you have? I still have the original big one. The re-install fix didn't permanently fix the problem. My new fix is: Every couple hours I save, then exit the game, and turn off the system myself, turn it back on again, and play a couple more. I know it's annoying, but by doing that I don't seem to have it shutdown by itself (Yet... I only tired this a couple times when I played it after the shutdown happened last night, so I don't know for sure if it will always work.). Since this is the only game doing this to me also, we may need to do this work around to get through this game and to prevent any possible damage the shutdowns may cause. If this starts happening to other games, then I'll know for sure that it is the system and pull the brains into a replacement with a ethernet cable.
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