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3 years ago#11
i have the ps3 slim. well after playing battlefield this weekend for a couple hours i decided to give the old far cry a try and it worked fine. i was thinking patch 1.04 fixed the problem but when i came back later it turned off again. i just restarted and went straight into the game and it worked fine. its a really weird problem but i hope to finish the game and sell it.
3 years ago#12
claxtizle posted...
I really wish people would stop saying ylod or move ps3 to an area which is cooler.

I merely suggested it as something to look into. Having the system shutdown on you is more indicative of a PS3 problem, not a game problem. I was simply trying to be helpful.

Also TC didn't specify one way or the other if the problem was just on this game or not.

I have personally had the YLOD and didn't know of the problem at all until it happened. It was a 40GB fatty and nothing was worth trying to get off the HD so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. If it had been YLOD he might have been able to backup his system before it was totally dead.

I'm glad it worked out for the TC.
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3 years ago#13
REPEAT-a guy said he got a brand new PS3 after his system was turning off and the new one did the same so..........

anyway after 2 attempts both ending with ps3 turning off at the exact same moment in my gameplay (exiting a captured outpost), i have decided to try and sell Far Cry 3 and just play my other games which dont turn off my PS3. I also plan to watch a playthrough on youtube to see how the story ends but i am never putting that game in my system again. ubisoft might not miss my $60 but i will never buy a game made by them again and shame on me cause i bought the first assassins creed and it kept freezing. my cousin borrowed it and it did the same on his system. didnt buy any more assassins creed cause of this. only game i WILL buy a new PS3 for is GTA5.

so sad cause game is really really good/ i woulda tried for ALL trophies for sure.
3 years ago#14
So far this is the only game to ever crash my PS3, and it does it if I play it more than 40 minutes now. I don't know if it was somehow caused by my opening up the map and cleared out outposts too soon before doing actual story missions or not. The fan doesn't get any louder and it doesn't make any weird noises... It just shuts off like there was a power outage and only on the PS3.

Fortunately I have both X360 and PS3 and from now on, I am only buying Ubisoft and Ninja Theory games on the X360 (Unless they are PS3 exclusives and even then, I'll wait for reviews to say if they have problems.). They both make truly amazing games, but Ninja Theory's glitchy audio (Except on Heavenly Sword) and Ubisot's freezing or system crashing games are proof that they suck at coding games for multi-platforms (And no I am not a pro by any means, but They should seriously test their games first instead of just crossing their fingers.). If they are having this much of a hard time with the PS3, then I don't really see much hope for them on the PS4.
3 years ago#15
ok i got a fix that works for me 100% of the time so far........
ok i noticed that it would never crash after i put it in after playing something else but when i went straight into playing it would crash a second to a couple minutes in. as i said before i did everything mentioned online and off and nothing worked. anywho i started just playing ssf4 online or off for like 10 minutes and then put far cry in and i am 20 hours into the game and my last crash was 4 hours into it before my above trick. ok i began thinking the prob went away and went straight into playing only to have ps3 turn off again lol so i just stuck to playing ssf4 before, then far cry and it has not crashed once in over 10 start ups. might not work for everyone but i got all single player trophies cept last 2 for story and the game is really nice but still wont buy another ubisoft game ever. will kill that bastard Hoyt today after work then play with a buddy online for co op trophies then sell quick quick. seems ps3 has to warm up first before far cry will work lmao
3 years ago#16
Has anyone solved this problem i tried uninstalling game playiong another online game neither tricks work for me only turns off when im on far cry 3
3 years ago#17
@ claxtizle

Holy awesome! Hopefully that idea works for me also!!!! I wish that I had read your new idea sooner.... I kept doing my "Turn it off every 30-40 minutes and then turn it back on" until I finally finished the main story. Since it allows you to explore and/or finish all the things you may have skipped (Hunting, post clearing, relic collecting, etc.) after the end, I'll have to try this so I can finish the other stuff. This is not a spoiler because I read that you can do it no matter what ending you choose. It's not a new game plus, it is just letting you finish doing everything else you skipped with everything you did still completed.


I have yet to find anything that will make the PS3 play nice with this game by itself. I asked Ubisoft's support page on FaceBook, but they said that this software can't turn off the PS3. I had at least two other people comment with the same problem. They said maybe try it on another PS3, try a different copy of the game, or start a ticket on their support website (To try and get a new copy from them I'm guessing.). I got about 8 hours of gameplay into the game before it gave me continuous issues with this problem. I haven't tried claxtizle's idea yet, but if I can get it to work for me also, I'll be very happy! Maybe try claxtizle's idea... My idea only gives you about 30-40 minutes.
3 years ago#18
they are correct, their software can not turn your ps3 off, no game software can unless it exits out for an update. thatswhy yu are forced to hard reset your ps3 when a game freezes up, the game itself can not turn the system off.
if its just turning off with no warning, then either its overheating or a piece of the hardware is on its last legs.

the system will instantly shut itself down if its internal temps get to high, this is most common, and due to people who do not open up and clean their ps3 insides every 12-18 months like you need to. chances are your ps3 just needs t be taken apart and the 3 pounds f dust and crap inside it cleaned out s it has airflow to cool itself again.
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3 years ago#19
i'm curious to know what causes the problem/ even if its our systems, its still strange it only happens with THIS game/ also same for PC players.
also to remind people/ a guy said his ps3 was in warranty and took it back only to have the new one turn off still, so unless he is lying......
ok my trick worked til yesterday/ it played perfect and i finished the game but i decided to replay the last 2 missions to get the good ending by reloading my manual save and my system turned off while Citra was talking to me. this would be 5 minutes or so before end credits. will try and sell this sucker asap. i hope something works for u guys so u can at least finish the game and get ur money's worth.

3 years ago#20
Still makes no sense the game console turns off when im on multiplayer have completed the game story mode whilst connected to the internet no problem only turns console off when im on multiplayer
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