Whats with fall damage so high

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3 years ago#1
Take 3 bullets 1 bar of health

Never would I imagine a game made near unplayable from fall damage but it is. Its actually like the creators hate us all and are trolling us through fall damage because there is not a reasonable explanation beyond that imo.
3 years ago#2
Stop falling down cliffs and look for an easier way to get down.
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3 years ago#4
falling down cliffs? Screw you I am literally talking jumping a ledge ten feet below because jumping gives you more "speed" and the pathetic poor program or intentional griefing from ubisoft kills you there is no other option.
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3 years ago#6
If the cliff is pretty evenly sloped, you can just slide down (hugging the cliff wall) and not take damage. Otherwise, follow the roads.

Complaining about the game mechanics is not going to make them disappear. Adapt or die.
3 years ago#7
Because jumping down 10 feet even without being armed to the teeth and weighed down by it freaking hurts? Especially if you botch the landing (incredibly unlikely on uneven ground like 98% of Rook Island) and smash your head into a rock. And Jason may become a badass, but he's still a twiggy little git whose only been doing this stuff for a few days.
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3 years ago#8
If you're at full health, a fall like that shouldn't kill you. Keep healthy, stay alive!
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3 years ago#9
I find that all areas of the game seem to require you to walk on egg shells but I'm okay with that. If I wanted a game where I could leap down from a 3 story building and charge straight into an enemy camp shooting wildly I'd play Call of Duty or Borderlands.

The fall damage seems to vary. I had one fall where all I broke was my thumb, which I immediately reset. Not sure how but I did.
3 years ago#10
^ Those animations happen when you're low on HP and have no healing items. You have to use "first aid", which is either wrapping bandages around your ripped-up arm or wrenching your thumb back into place. There may be more.
Why? Because **** you is why.
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