Whats with fall damage so high

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zyrax2301 posted...
^ Those animations happen when you're low on HP and have no healing items. You have to use "first aid", which is either wrapping bandages around your ripped-up arm or wrenching your thumb back into place. There may be more.

I've never had bandages, but I usually have wrenching the thumb back into place, or digging a bullet out of Jason's arm, with a knife or a twig.
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I thought the same thing on the Chinese ruin mission where it collapses towards the end. Before I got to my destination I kept getting injured and I saw no way to platform except to jump but doing so cost at least 1 health bar...
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"Never would I imagine a game made near unplayable from fall damage but it is. "

a man of intelligence would simply have stopped falling off 15 foot rocks and moved on.

you are the worst gamer i have EVER heard of. who can't stop falling off a cliff? do you even know what a directional button is for?
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dat wing suit. /thread
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Got to say, I find FC3 a lot more forgiving than FC2 was (except for the carnivorous predators in FC3, those can be nightmarish)

You can slide down some cliffs okay, if you hug against the wall, it makes you slide down slower. Once you get the wingsuit, of course, cliffs are no longer any obstacle! :)