How easy is it to get enough money to buy everything? *spoilers*

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3 years ago#1
My goal is to purchase every map (which I already have), and obtain every weapon (either for free or with cash), and every attachment and every paint job for each weapon. Basically I want to clean out the store. How easy is it in this game to get enough money to do so?

I think I'm pretty far into the game (2nd island, Triple Decker mission). So far I've been grabbing all the maps and spending time getting every piece of loot I can find (as well as letters, relics, etc). My game stats say I've collected about $100,000 in cash so far. All of my gear is fully upgraded, and I recently got some of the money-making skills (sell for higher price, get more money from dead bodies). I think I've only unlocked 2, maybe 3, of the radio towers in the 2nd island and have been collecting all the loot I can from the revealed parts of the map. I have about 10 more outposts to liberate.

I think I've purchased every single Signature Weapon other than the Bushman, and so far I'm pretty sure I've only actually purchased 1 or 2 weapons very very early on in the game (the U100 and maybe one of the early assault rifles).

I've fully decked out (i.e. purchased all attachments and paint jobs) most of my weapons already.

Again, I'm just wondering if buying everything from the store (minus most of the free weapons) is doable if you just diligently collect all the loot and treasure, and maybe loot some bodies when you can. I haven't done much with poker, other than the side mission that requires you to do so.
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3 years ago#2
Its doable I didn't bother buying the maps until after I finished the main story.
Loot enough treasure and eventually the only thing you need to buy is ammo. Right now my loot and wallet is constantly maxed out. I basically need to do the gambling and co-op maps and I'll have platinumed this game.
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3 years ago#3
Yeah as I'm making more progress I'm becoming more confident that I can get everything.

I'm pretty sure the only things I need to buy now are:

1) Bushman
2) Get the Z93 for free and get all attachments/paint
3) Get the P416 for free and get all attachments/paint

I'd estimate that would all cost maybe up to $10,000 but probably a little less. I already have $1,500 in my wallet so far.

And I still have 10 main missions, 4 radio towers, 10 outposts, and at least half of the 2nd island to go.

I also initially had doubts as to whether I'd be able to get enough XP to get all the skills, but I only have 1.5 skills left to go (I'm halfway through getting my next skill point). Those 10 outposts alone should easily get me the XP, even if I just get the base 500 XP.
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3 years ago#4
its very easy, im near the end of the main story and i literally have nothing left to buy but camos that i dont think look good on those guns. just looting chests and auto-looting people i use takedowns on, my money is building up faster then i spend it on ammo. sooner or later im gonna run out of camos to buy and im gonna be maxed at $10,000 with nothing to by but ammo.
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3 years ago#5
Yeah, confirmed. I'm still 8 story missions away from the end, but have purchased every single signature weapon, own every other weapon, including all attachments and all paint jobs for each. Own all maps and everything else you can get from the shop too. Still have maybe a third of the 2nd island to loot. Have a full wallet, and I've pretty much been purposely trying to use up ammo so I can buy more just to keep my money levels down enough so that I can still pick up loot. I'm thinking about just being risky in Poker to blow some money too. Kinda wish I could get a bigger wallet, kinda sucks to be unable to fully loot something just because you're full on cash.
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