this or ac3

#11thecatsixPosted 3/21/2013 12:23:26 PM
I got so bored and annoyed with AC3 I stopped playing it.
The fights became so choreographed, this opponent you have to use this move...that opponent you have to use that move. More of a memory game than fighting and adventure.

FC3 I didn't like at first, but after a few hours I started doing whatever I wanted to do in the game and it became TOTALLY FUN!
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#12ZeroCool000111Posted 3/24/2013 12:45:50 AM
Far Cry 3 gets my vote.
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#13BillysanPosted 4/5/2013 3:03:37 AM
Far Cry 3!

I enjoyed climbing in trees and stuff in AC3 but the gameplay feels so shallow now and the streamlined free climbing doesn't help. AC3 also has some pretty terrible mission designs and horrible stealth gameplay.

Far Cry 3 has so much more going on. It's a far superior game and this is coming from a person who dislikes FPS games.
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#14UnknownWinPosted 4/5/2013 3:46:10 AM
I used to be an Assassin's Creed fanboy.
Loved AC2,Brotherhood and Revelations to death. and got the Platinum Trophy in these three games.

I got truly disappointed with AC3, It isn't the same. I don't really know how, It's just feels odd. I don't think it's about Ezio not being in AC3. and to be honest It was the time to start a new story and finish Ezio's story, So I'm ok with that. I read that the original creator of the AC series didn't work on AC3, I guess that's why.

Anyway, Get Far Cry 3, It's worth it.