Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon ??!! First (real) DLC for Far Cry 3 ?

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3 years ago#21
Very much looking forward to it, probably a Day 1 purchase.
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3 years ago#22
jedentag posted...
lol , if its not dlc... then there is the far cry 3 dlc ?? game is out a long time now and there is no dlc (except pre-order bonus and some free co-op).

its definately DLC. i would bet money on this,real money... LOL.

i think all who say its not dlc,they sold the game already or traded it in LOL

So much for you swearing it's DLC. Xbox just listed it as an standalone game, not DLC. Does not require Far Cry 3 to play. IGN just posted the article below. Can I laugh in your face?

3 years ago#23
i wonder how the stealth kill skills be in this one,maybe it will be a laser dagger or maybe he will use his cyborg arm to rip off the head (or necksnap) of the robots or even pierce through their body with it.
3 years ago#24
Everyone stay to this topic please,making other topics about the same subject wont be neccesary.
3 years ago#25
it's probably a standalone and a sort of DLC at the same time.
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3 years ago#27
its annoying that its not an DLC. for everyone who bought the game.
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