Beat the game. A few questions. (spoilers, of course)

#1MegamanXfan21xxPosted 4/1/2013 10:16:32 PM
1. What happens if you hit the final prompt during the knife fight with Hoyt? It was where you stabbed a knife in his skull, then the you get a QTE to hit Triangle. I missed it, but didn't suffer anything, since Hoyt was effectively dead.

2. How do you get the third melee weapon? I watched my friend play a bit of the 360 version and he had a third knife that looked like the one you spend a few missions tracking down. He still had a few missions to go since his session started after you find out Riley's alive. I also looked at my challenge/collectible progress and all of them were progressed enough to unlock all signature weapons.

3. Why is my tattoo not filled in completely? The only bits missing are the top two dots of the right dotted line and the wing-like decorations on the very top. I've unlocked and learned all the skills. Is it because I chose the "save your friends" ending?
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