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Co-op anyone? (Mics please)

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  3. Co-op anyone? (Mics please)
2 years ago#1
I'm trying to get these final co-op trophies, but since its hard to host a normal game where I pick the level, I usually am just repeating a level I already beat. Just leave your psn and I'll add you. Ill be in for a couple hours tonight so thanks to anyone who can help.
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2 years ago#2

that's a zero and a one. I'm also trying to get 3 more trophies. Couldn't even finish the 2nd lvl w/ randoms tonight.
2 years ago#3
PSN: Singha

Message me if you want to go through some of them. I have yet to complete any.
"Into deep left center, for Mitchell...and we'll see you...tomorrow night!" - Jack Buck
2 years ago#4
PSN is EXPO_Dubs

, msg me if anyone wants to do the trophies. I need to complete the maps Overboard, Lights Out, and Payback, but will play through the others too.
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2 years ago#5
2 years ago#6
i'll be down for it after 8est time, tonight. Just got some new headphones I'm itchin' to try, too. TheRealPhattyJ
2 years ago#7
Still looking?

I too want to get through them. I have a mic.

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2 years ago#8
Me please

Check out my backlog:
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  3. Co-op anyone? (Mics please)

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