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3 years ago#1
what happens?, do you have to select a new game or can you replay any mission you beat. is this a chapter select in this
3 years ago#2

I have not beaten the game. But I read many faq's about it. it seems like you can go back to the islands and finish up quests that you have not done. I think if you take all the outposts.. there is an outpost reset option, that turns them all red again, and makes them all like you never took them. Except the memory cards and stuff like that are gone.

I am not aware of any chapter redo.. so I dont think you can do that.

I am on the last 3 missions, and it says this is the " point of no return' so Im not doing them, im trying to do everything before I only have them left.

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3 years ago#3
You do get an option to reset the outposts but I have never done it and sorry, there is no chapter select, once you beat that part its over unless you start a new game. However, you can still do the side missions you didn't complete.
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3 years ago#4
KBGiantsfan is right.

Also, for me personally, the ability to reset the outposts is the single best reason to get this game - it increases the re-playability immensely.
There are so many ways to approach them.

I am currently on my third outpost reset - I finished the game some time ago - and I can always find new and interesting ways to neutralise them.

I wish they had given us a radio tower/medic run reset too....oh well, you can't have it all!!

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3 years ago#5
It's too bad you can't start a new game with all the weapons and skills available from the beginning instead of having to unlock everything as you progress.
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