Have you noticed the difficulty settings on the "Load Game" Screen?

#1Fonce2387Posted 4/21/2013 2:03:10 PM
Hi all,

Has anyone else noticed that when you go to load your game, that the difficulty is misrepresented? I am playing on Hard (Warrior) and have never even gone in the options screen to change anything. I go to load the game, but it labels it as survivor. I am playing on warrior, and i verify this in the options screen.

Luckily trophies aren't dependent on difficulty, but just something interesting that I noticed.... has anyone else?
#2JManGTPosted 4/22/2013 7:28:50 AM
Nope, mine has stayed on master lol
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#3Fonce2387(Topic Creator)Posted 4/22/2013 12:46:25 PM
Well i am fairly sure my game stayed on master. I logged on a different account with this game to compare how fast i died on both difficulties

(cause i really didn't want to touch anything on my account.... too precious... MY PRECIOUS!) *Creepy*

I am certain its just a glitch that doesn't affect the difficulty. But still very odd none the less. :)