One of the best games I've played in a while

#1devak108Posted 4/22/2013 6:15:14 PM
So yea I'm obviously way late to the party, but wow, Far Cry 3 is simply amazing. Take note developers-this is how you do an open world game. Haven't been this sucked into a game for a long time. Sadly, these days it seems like too many games start off great but then lose steam all too quickly. Or you breeze through a game with barely any content in like 5-6 hours and then have no desire to pick it up again.

I'm actually getting more into this the more I play it. And I haven't even been doing that many story missions yet! So much to do and it's all great fun. Well done, this game was worth every cent.
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LMFAO a tiger totally just took out a whole outpost for me! :D

That was so ridiculously hilarious, I just sat back with my sniper rifle taking pot shots and watching him maul the s*** out of these guys. Damn this game is so awesome.
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yes, this game does so much right. and things look and act real. cars seem to drive real. I like driving in this game the best out of any game. if you crash, who cares. just get out and run.

Nothing is as fun as having a bear or tiger do the dirty work for you, while you sit back and sniper people, and alarm boxes.

I think this would have made a great RPG... like mass effect dialog system on top of this game.

There is another clone of this game... blood dragon coming out. check that if you love this.

Thank you for sharing.
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