D50 Extended Magazine glitch

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User Info: Fonce2387

4 years ago#1
Hi all,

I have bought the D50 handgun and bought an extended magazine and a reflex sight. I attached both of these to the weapon and walked outside. However i noticed that my gun doesn't have an extended clip (even though it is attached).

I noticed the first time i had the extended clip, it showed the extra slots, but as if the bullets were spent or empty. I tried to reload, but the clip at that point remained half full. I have tried restarting, changing customizations, equipping, unequipping, and everything else I can think of, but with no luck.

Kind of annoying as i get farther into this game I discover more and more bugs and glitches which is driving me a bit crazy. Anyone have any solutions?

Thanks in advance

User Info: ducksfan11222

4 years ago#2
Use a different weapon, bug fixed!
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