your 4 guns of choice?

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User Info: BHAALER

3 years ago#11
Long-barrell .44 Magnum w/ chrome finish
Silenced MP5 w/ old school paintjob
"Ignorance is thy companion!"

User Info: Thermador446

3 years ago#12
Handcannon is usually what i travel with. Wildlife usually isn't a problem as long as I have it.

Bow because it's totally Rambo.
*I love having Explosive Arrows pinned to <, It reminds me of Rambo everytime I slowly raise an explosive tipped arrow. This also enables you to easily switch to the bow, but still keep 2 other guns in the quick swap.


M-700 Predator
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User Info: sparticusjoe

3 years ago#13
1. SPAS-12 all day erry day. I've gotten more kills with this gun than all others combined. Night sights attached, orange paintjob. One shot can hit and kill all three men in a jeep patrol, which is just plain fun.
2. Cannon. I like the paintjob, could do without the scope, but it reminds me of my revolver so I keep it.
3. That pump-action grenade launcher 'cause it's fun.
4. That special silenced H&K that you unlock by getting all the radio towers. The 416 with a scope and supressor. Also don't remember the name.

User Info: Kai_Laguna

3 years ago#14
Z93+silencer+high-powered scope+extended mag
Flamethrower+extended fuel
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