How easy is far cry 3?

#1ZenGamer64Posted 7/5/2013 5:57:22 PM
On easy.

My old man reflexes are NOT what they used to be in the Doom days :)
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#2ajbit19Posted 7/5/2013 6:45:28 PM
With how quick you can get the signature weapons, almost too easy.
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#3JdarrzPosted 7/6/2013 1:13:57 AM
I just beat it, played on easy... I didnt think it was super easy. I never really crafted syringes to refill health. But i did use the skill where you refill your health by holding triangle. I still died a few times sometimes. So i dont think its like overly easy or anything IMO.
#4ajbit19Posted 7/6/2013 8:02:26 PM
You were handicapping yourself though.
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#5spincrPosted 7/8/2013 8:07:13 AM
Hmm playing it on normal, and i can't say its overly hard, but then again with an 'easy' option, i think it should be doable. Besides i don't really see it as following the story and then nothing, its more like survival training:)
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#6drclaeysPosted 7/9/2013 4:12:15 AM

You asked this same question about 20 posts down.

I dont think its your fingers you have to worry about. its your MEMORY.

do lots of the side quests. The rewards for those are GREAT. There is a medicine that makes you untouchable for like 30 or 20 seconds. if you have like 4 of those on you, you can get through any tough spots. Thats what I did. Of course my memory is shot too, so im not really SURE what I did.

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