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Well that blows

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2 years ago#1
I LOVE this game, used to play a lot at my friends house so decided to just buy it. Got it at Target for the full blown price of $60, then go on these message boards to find out Best Buy and Amazon have it for $20. I usually look before I buy but I was out and bought it as an impulse. Since I already opened it but DID NOT use the code yet, could I return it for cash or would it just be store credit? If I can get cash that would be best but my wife shops at Target enough so store credit would be ok. I just know some places won't accept it if the wrap is off.
2 years ago#2
Simple, order if from Amazon for $20.

Return the sealed Amazon copy to Target using your Target receipt.

$40 back in your wallet.
2 years ago#3
Although the barcode will let them know you didn't buy it from there!
Prodigy Fan!
2 years ago#4
go to target, price match it, some have a price match guarantee and u can just easily get a gift card.. or u price match it and buy it again, but return the sealed game with the old opened game receipt
2 years ago#5
Warmdrift posted...
Although the barcode will let them know you didn't buy it from there!

Oh, does Target put unique barcodes on their games? I didn't realize that.
2 years ago#6
I got this game on July 7, at Target as well, for 20 bucks. You got screwed
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  3. Well that blows

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