Looking for some people to paly Co Op with......

#1greg586Posted 7/24/2013 6:36:39 PM
Hey, I never played co op mode that much, so If anybody on here WITH mics want to play through the co op mode post here and let me know!
#2WarmdriftPosted 7/26/2013 2:43:12 PM
see my 6x plat topic ;)
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#3robbyclayPosted 7/26/2013 4:58:39 PM
if you would like, and have a xbox add me : TUMADRE3698
#4SpumaPosted 7/27/2013 4:51:22 AM
I don't have mic, but it's really not needed. If you want add me (see the other coop topic nearby)
PSN ID: Dave_Cozmo
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#5spincrPosted 7/27/2013 10:10:06 AM
See sig:)
PSN - papapaprika
#6dolfanpescaoPosted 7/29/2013 10:46:59 AM
add me :dolfanpescao .play mostly at night and weekends ,eastern time
#7greg586(Topic Creator)Posted 7/31/2013 6:23:33 PM
Ok I sent out some requests.
#8Anthonyelmio3Posted 7/31/2013 9:46:55 PM
want to do Rush Hour and Payback
Psn id: Anthonyelmio2
#9MEFreak1984Posted 8/6/2013 1:11:21 PM
I'm up for some co-op. See my Sig.
PSN ID: BladeGash
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#10Nayoleech595Posted 8/8/2013 5:36:24 PM
If you have a Mic Add me "npierre1990" if you cant afford one... go kill yourself!