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#1LordofBallyhooPosted 3/10/2012 10:56:01 AM

I don't know how many times I've surfed through this board and seen people saying something to the effect of "Wow, so now it's all linear and mission based? If they throw away the open world aspect it is a mistake. Developers these days..." and so on. You can go to the effin' wikipedia page and check sources from the material you read there. Did anybody go to college?
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#2usmovers_02Posted 3/10/2012 11:50:38 AM(edited)
I also have been on these boards daily and have only seen one or two people saying the game is linear. Thanks for the link though. Good stuff :)

I'm fine with the whole 10x larger thing so long as the game is pretty. So many games now have built MASSIVE worlds just to have them be fairly empty now that I'm used to it. Saints Row, GTA IV, and the modern Elder Scrolls games are all excellent and packed with fun, but their worlds are actually fairly small.

Far Cry 2, Just Cause 2, FUEL and other such games are MASSIVE but are fairly sparse. And where they aren't sparse they're repetitive. Open world games will never be perfect, so I'll settle for pretty :)
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#3Perfect LightPosted 3/11/2012 7:46:55 AM
As long as it doesn't take 20 boring, tedious minutes to get to every mission.
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#4bluehat94Posted 3/11/2012 4:15:31 PM
Perfect Light posted...
As long as it doesn't take 20 boring, tedious minutes to get to every mission.

They confirmed a fast travel feature I believe.
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#5usmovers_02Posted 3/11/2012 6:47:23 PM
If what they're saying about the size of the map is true (500 square miles) there BETTER be a fast travel system better than FC2.
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#6bethyreedPosted 3/12/2012 3:15:11 AM
Two things

1. That was posted in early 2011 is it still valid?

2. If the game is just as sandbox or even more so then far cry 2, then where are the trailers? Why is every trailer of someone running a mission (for the doctor or on ziplines on a ship)

You see the cut screen with the guy throwing you in the hole full of water
You see the trailer where you get on a helicopter (which is required)
You see the CG trailer of the boat
You see a mission on the beach with the ziplines

If they are so worried about people complaining about missions and linear maybe they could have information that isnt almost a year old telling us that its not.

Maybe 1 in every 5 trailers could have them showing the exploration and sandbox sections of the game and not cut screens and linear missions ;)
#7usmovers_02Posted 3/12/2012 4:26:23 AM
Almost nothing should be considered valid this far from launch unless you CLEARLY see it in the trailer. The whole 10x bigger thing really shouldn't be taken too literally.
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#8drewpot2001Posted 3/12/2012 6:38:19 AM
I don't think they literally mean "10x bigger" as in width/height. I think they're just saying "10x more stuff" because they keep saying how there's neat details in every square inch, no dull, open, boring empty space.

If it were literally 10x bigger it would be IMPOSSIBLE to give the entire area that much detail with current gen consoles.
#9usmovers_02Posted 3/12/2012 12:48:02 PM
The size of the map has nothing to do with the power of the consoles. The game FUEL is so big it takes an hour LITERALLY to drive from corner to corner at 120 mph.

It has more to do with the budget of the game. Filling that space takes time and effort. Time and effort means more people working on the game OR a longer development cycle (or both). Both of which cost money.

Disc size isn't a limit either because they can just put the game on multiple discs.
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