Vehicles are confirmed to NOT be in multiplayer!

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4 years ago#1
Thank you to Drewpot2001 for pointing this out to me. It seems that to get people to focus on their new "team play" features they've decided to remove vehicles from multiplayer modes.

This decision alone will dramatically limit what map makers can do with their maps. This also greatly increases the likely hood that FC3s max map size will be MUCH smaller because people don't want to walk forever just to get sniped, respawn, and start walking all over again.

I hope that there are enough others out there like me who think this is a horrible decision and will post their displeasure on the FC3 forums (as I have under the name "ram8113').

What do you all think? Is this a decision you like/dislike/don't care about?
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4 years ago#2
This is absolute Bull****. Half the fun of Farcry was zipping around in jeeps. I think it's too little too late going for the crowd they are going for what with their "definitely not killstreaks and perks" but this is altering the one thing that has been consistent throughout the games. I'm not over enthused about anything I've seen so far regarding the multiplayer which is a shame because the actual gameplay looks pretty good.
4 years ago#3
My heart dropped when I read this. It's going to dramatically limit people's potential with the editor. You can say "goodbye" to the race, rally, stunt, or roller coaster maps. I assume this applies to boats, which REALLY puts a damper on water navigation.

Ubisoft cant make this decision short-handedly. There has to be another means of quick travel. Apparently zip lines are in, so maybe we can be expecting something else. If they're going to make our maps smaller and without vehicles, they owe it to us to compensate with something else.

BTW is the map editor confirmed? I don't have volume so I cant hear what the multiplayer video announced, unfortunately.
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4 years ago#4
Yes, map editor is finally confirmed but it's already showing signs of downgrades such as no vehicles, and LIKELY a smaller working space to build with.
4 years ago#5
Yes, the map editor is officially in. Apparently it will be "easier" to use. Don't know what that means. Also, they've said that the community aspect of the game including the way we search for new maps has been greatly improved. They just didn't say how.
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4 years ago#6
Goooood. Thanks, now I have my fingers crossed that the editor will be on the console versions, as well.
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4 years ago#7
It's confirmed to be on PC, PS3, and XBOX 360.
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4 years ago#8

This definitely downgrades what was originally an absolute no question 'BUY' to a 'meh' rental. Why destroy FC's uniquness and pander to the COD crowd when they will most likely be playing... COD? I don't get it... I suppose I'll just complete the campaign and be on to my next Gamefly rental.


4 years ago#9
Guy's let's face it. Far Cry was never really about the multiplayer. Maybe the mapmaker, but not the MP. To me, they all got old after a while. And I've played ALL Far Cry's. Furthermore, I like everything to be within walking distance. Let's say you start a big CTF map with vehicles. You spawn and start looking for one but TOO BAD. Everyone else took them and now you have the boring options of either waiting at the base or go out anyway. In which case, you'll probably get killed by an enemy vehicle anyway if you choose the latter.
4 years ago#10
Plenty of small maps benefit from vehicles also. Be it cruising on a boat in a small river, or driving up and down the streets of an urban environment.
Vehicles aren't restricted to gigantic full-size maps that are nothing but a flat sniping field.

Restricting what we can do and REMOVING something that's been a staple part of FarCry is a dumb move. Let the players choose if they want to keep vehicles or not especially when you're reasoning is flawed as hell, Ubisoft.
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