Do you think they should put the Map Editor on a sperate Disc?

#1zerooo0Posted 4/28/2012 5:23:15 AM
Wouldnt that free up a lot of space so they can add more? I dont know, so Im just wondering.
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#2specialkid8Posted 4/28/2012 6:04:24 AM
It doesn't matter unless they are planning on making a game that will fill the first disk and need the extra space.
#3drewpot2001Posted 4/28/2012 9:15:54 AM
Almost 100% of the objects in the map editor are models taken directly from single player so they're already on the disc to begin with. A second disc for the editor wouldn't benefit much, unless the first disc is actually completely full from singleplayer alone.
#4usmovers_02Posted 4/28/2012 10:43:28 AM
What these two said.
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