Are they dumbing down the map editor?

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4 years ago#1
Some interviews with developers make it sound like its going to be changed for the worst. Kind of hinting that you will only be able to edit existing in game maps, kind of like on halo. Why else would they be so secretive about releasing info on the editor?
4 years ago#2
Think I found my own answer in an interview posted on the PS3 forums.

(Q) - Will we be forced into using your templates which we then make into our own maps (as an example what they do in Forge) or can we manipulate terrain and start with a blank canvas in the editor like FC2?

(A) - Same as FC2, we will have both options of starting from a blank canvas, and running a wilderness generator template.


(Q) - I think the MP looks great but I'm a little bit concerned about the map editor (please not something like HALO forge) will it be as big as the one in Far Cry 2?

(A) - It will be as big, and then some more. We are basically building using the FC2 editor as foundation. There are also a good number of surprises in store.
4 years ago#3
Heres a question though, since ive never played FC2. When building a map do you have a set number of "points" you have to use to buy things to place in the map?

I only ask because this question in the interview seems to get a weird answer. Unless its a joke im not getting. It talks about a map budget?

(Q) - Do consoles have any form lighting in the editor to add into our maps?

(A) - We cannot confirm this yet, but we are actively looking into it, and it's looking promising that we will have lighting options on consoles. They may be expensive on your map budget however.
4 years ago#4
Lighting has a LARGE frame rate impact, so yes they will be more limited than other items. There is a budget in the FC2 editor but it is FAR larger than Forge. The budget is only there to make sure the map plays at a steady frame rate but the budget is so huge you still have to manage the FPS yourself.
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4 years ago#5
mrshowtime333 posted...
(A) - It will be as big, and then some more.

This statement alone makes me confident that vehicles will be available in custom maps.
4 years ago#6
^But that has nothing to do with vehicles.
4 years ago#7
Also, the interview you are quoting is old.
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4 years ago#8
Newer info is fairly sparse at this point. Hard to say if vehicles will be in or not until they official confirm or deny it.
4 years ago#9
Well they've already officially denied. Now we have to wait and see if they add them now. Until then just assume they aren't. It'll be easier that way.
4 years ago#10
K... they've got my partially paid pre-order for one more week... I'm FULLY expecting them to announce some other miserable decision that'll make me not want the game at E3 next week so they better ALSO announce that vehicles are back in multiplayer to balance it out.

Of course, I'd RATHER hear about some awesome new feature AND vehicles in MP but this IS Ubisoft... making customers happy is the exact OPPOSITE of what they want. I mean just look at U-Play... the most POINTLESS "service" in existence...
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