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4 years ago#1
Now how do I set up a custom game and play them with my friend? Seriously it could not be any more unintuitive. The maps are in "My Maps" when I'm in the map editor, but when I go to make a custom game from the multiplayer menu, I select "My Maps" and it appears to only show maps that I myself have designed and published.

Additionally, I downloaded some custom maps that have vehicles and are "race" oriented... I can test them out in the map editor, but when I want to play them in a custom private match with my friend, will they be there?

4 years ago#2
Bump... When they say there's no vehicles in multiplayer, this means we can't even use them in a custom map of our own in a private match over xbox live??
4 years ago#3
Wondering this too...anyone?
4 years ago#4
I'm a long time FC vet and I can't even figure out how to host a simple match. Good job Ubi!!
4 years ago#5
No one has an answer to this? People are bothering to make a bunch of race maps (which were the highest rated ones in FC2), and we don't know of any way that we can host/play them?
4 years ago#6
Seriously... You don't know how to set up a custom match...?

Main Menu > Multiplayer > Multiplayer > Either Create Custom Match or Map Editor Archive > (assuming you picked Map Editor Archive) Select the map you wish to play > Create Private Match/Play Public Match.

Pretty simple stuff if you know how to properly navigate a menu.
People really need to stop complaining about the inclusion of online passes...
4 years ago#7
looks pretty simple to me.
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4 years ago#8
Incorrect. I did not say I have issues setting up a custom match with the default maps; the topic explicitly states that the maps I've downloaded - I'm unable to use THOSE in a custom match.

You go to Multiplayer --> Create Custom Match --> Map Selection. All that is listed is the maps that UbiSoft created. You can click the left stick to select "My Setup", and from here go to "My Maps" - but even here, the maps you've downloaded do not appear.

So, I'll ask again: how do you set up a custom match with maps you've downloaded from other users? Secondly, are we really barred from using the "race" maps with the vehicles in a private match?
4 years ago#9
And assuming you have to go into the Map Editor Archive each time to play the maps you've downloaded - where is the list of maps you've downloaded? It's non-existent.
4 years ago#10
Did I say you had an issue with playing the maps already in the game? No.

And you can use the 'filter' option to do this. If you downloaded the map, it's gonna be in the archive.

Either that or you can favorite the maps you download to make it easier.

EDIT: And you DO go into the map editor archive to set up these maps. That's why I explained it. Do you even read, bro?
People really need to stop complaining about the inclusion of online passes...
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